Artisanal Cutlery Thiers France
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1- St Claude

The career path of Christian De Nardi begins in the Jura region, near St Claude, where he learns the crafts of cabinet making and lathe operator.

2- From St Claude to Thiers

His love for nicely made objects leads him since 1981 in Paul Morand’s workshop, in Thiers, where he learns how to craft silverware handle in the most rare and beautiful materials like exotic wood, horn, elephant ivory…

3- House of Knives makers

It’s in the House of Knives makers that he begins to develop his skills for handcrafting work. He starts to make beautiful pieces of cutlery alongside Angel Navarro (Laureat of French Work in 1982) and Virgilio Munoz (Best  Craftsman of France).

4- Best Craftsman of France

In 1986, he presents a masterpiece made of 12 pieces combining with subtlety goldsmithery and marquetry thus obtaining the very coveted award of the Best Craftsman of France.

5 - Master Craftsman Coutelier

In 1990, he was awarded Master Craftsman Coutelier. He also participates to the launch of the Cutlery CAP training at the professional school of Thiers.
He joins the French Association of the Table Arts and was sitting on the board of directors. 

6 - National Trophy of the Table Arts

In 1992, he was part of the National Trophy of the Table Arts. He is also the knife maker partner of the « Route des Ameriques » table presented by the Chamber of Trades and Craft of Puy de Dome for the Auvergne region and was awarded national First prize. 

7 - The Three Ducks Farm

In 1993, he is associated to the inauguration of the « Three Ducks Farm » restaurant in Peschadoires. After one year of activity, the restaurant was awarded one « Toque » and obtains the score of 13/2 by the Gault-Millau. 

8 - Innovation Challenge Initiative

In 1994, he was awarded first prize for the Innovation Challenge Initiative, organized by the general council of Puy de Dome, for the patent of an handle fixing system for knives and restoration.

9 - Nowadays

Nowadays, in his workshop since 1995 at Peschadoires in the Thiernoise region, Christian De Nardi is crafting knives and silverware for very distinguished people. We make and sell knives and silverware from middle to high-ends, kitchen utensils including a really useful every day chef knife and a two sizes pocket folding knife.

10 - Last news

We are labeled  Ateliers d'Art de France.

We are ranked Living Heritage Society (Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant EPV)